In every sandwich, there is bread and butter. And in addition, everything you wish, cheese, cucumber, lettuce, and sometimes even cereal. Science theatre is just like a sandwich. A scoop of theatre and science mixed with everything your soul desires!

Science theatre is limitless!

- Mats Mikkor

KVARK performer

Science Theater

A Science theatre performance is not just a typical show that you are used to watching from an audience. It is like a visit from a wizard - nonreturnable, gripping, and goes beyond the limits of your imagination.

The show matches everybody everywhere: on the stage, on TV, in a forest, at the beach, on the Moon and Mars.

Our team of professional and amusing wizards will create audience-involving one-of-a-kind solutions that dwell from the uniquenesses and characteristics of your endeavors.

400 €

This 30-45-minute science theatre performance is conducted by our young masters who have undergone special performance and safety training. The slightly calmer but memorable show, with effective experiments, is suitable for those who want the roof to stay overhead.


This 30-45-minute science theatre performance is carried out by the top performers. In this show, you can see crazy and extraordinary experiments that include fire, bang, and good humour. Such a show is suitable for those who want to see and experience something


850 €

Did you find a suitable solution? Do want something completly different? Let us know and we´ll make your event unforgettable.

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